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Hybrid windows made of wood and plastic

The Albinos window is specially created for those who want to have wooden windows in the interior, but do not want to restore the paint and varnish covering of the wooden window from the street side.
The Albino window is a plastic on the street side and a tree on the side of the apartment or house.
Wooden lamellas, at the molecular level, in production, are welded to the PVC profile and form a single hybrid profile with a guarantee of delamination. Wood and plastic, now perfectly complement each other.

Albino is an impeccable style of wooden windows

We designed windows Albinos specifically for connoisseurs of natural wooden materials. Wooden lamellas provide impeccable style of wooden windows

Inside the room

  • Color to choose from

    Does not require renovation of the cover
  • Easy care

    Hidden fittings make it easy to wash the window
  • Wood of the selected grade

    It is characterized by a minimum number of defects, knots and cracks

From the street side

  • Color to choose from

    Painting / Lamination
  • Easy care

    Does not require touch-up and repair
  • Service life is not less than 40 years *

    Protected from the influence of an aggressive environment
* - service life when using a white (uncolored) PVC profile

The basis of the Albino windows is a PVC profile of A-Class

The base of the PVC profile eliminates all the disadvantages of wooden windows. Plastic protects against cold, wind and rain. The Albinos windows require much less maintenance compared to conventional wooden windows, while their service life is longer

Painting the outer part of the window

You can choose any color solution for your window to make the design of your house or apartment even more unique.

Preliminary cost calculation

Dimensions of the window opening:
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Albino Natura - presentation video

Albino Eco - presentation video

Interviews Albinos - Vlog from the exhibition Mosbuild2017


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